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MogRex Limited is a premium design agency focused on quality, innovation and speed. We have used technology to achieve results to grow the business of our customers. We pride ourselves on great work ethics, integrity and end results. Over the years, MogRex has been able to create stunning and award-winning designs in multiple sectors while allowing our customers to have a better overall web presence.

We help businesses take advantage of available IT opportunities for growth, stability and profitability. In this fast-paced and ever shrinking world, identifying and working with the right technologies is always a challenging task. Knowing how best to employ ICT solutions in business and personal lives is key to staying relevant in our world.

With over 10 Years experience working with clients from various sectors and a Team of young Innovative minds, we combine creative thinking, leading business strategy and Innovative ICT knowledge in developing efficient and effective solutions that ease our day to day lives and keep businesses one-step ahead.
Our goal is to provide scalable and sustainable ICT solutions to Nigerian and the rest of the world.
MogRex Limited is the Hub of Creativity and Innovations


We have designed the entire process and our products around providing everything small businesses need when they start – ensuring that working with us is always a quick, easy and hassle-free experience. We give our customers complete control over their website without any ridiculous price, and our friendly team offers their expertise even after publishing your website.

Our Services Include:

ICT Training
Website Design
Software Development
Mobile Application Development
Internet Marketing
Branding Services
Web Hosting
Hardware Engineering
Supply/Installation of IT Equipment
General IT Support Services and Consultation.

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